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Praying and Trusting God after Exams

When I was in tenth and my board exams were going on, I had some health issues due to which l wasn’t able to write my exams properly. I was extremely worried. Especially after my science student’s exam. I wasn’t completely satisfied with any of my paper.

After the exams also my mood was really bad. It took a long time for my result to come. My family and l prayed for a good result. I wanted a full A1, but l felt it was impossible.

Then came the day of result.

Before seeing the grades, I saw my marks. Upon seeing that I was both happy and sad. Because the marks were good but some of my subject’s marks could sometimes not reach up to A1 level. I lost all my hope. But my mother asked me to trust in God.

After some time, I got to know about the grades and surprisingly due to the grace of God almighty l got A1 in all my subjects. It was indeed one of the greatest miracles God performed in my life. And l would thank him throughout my life.

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