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Praying Against Accidents

I (Paresh) trained and continue coaching dear brother Rana. He regularly walks and prays around a place calling ”Ghasiara.” Because there many accidents and He prays that less accidents will happen there. The accidents slowly began decreasing until one day they stopped completely.

One man named Mr. Mondal had been watching Mr. Rana and wondered what he was doing there so often. Finally, one day, Mr. Mondal asked to Mr. Rana why he came there regularly? He told him he was praying for the stopping of the accidents. Mr. Mondal was surprised because he had noticed there no more accidents. Then he invited Mr. Rana to his house to learn what kind of prayer he did and from which God he asked favor?

Mr. Rana met with a houseful of his friends and shared a short story of the Bible from Matthew 8:23-27 (Jesus calms the storm) since then, 10 homes have come to Faith in ‘Ghasiara’ (Jesus).


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