Girl Praying

Prayers for Employment after Drug Court

I really need prayers for employment. I lost a good job last year because I chose to do the wrong thing. I am in drug court now and it is a great program, and it requires a lot of hard work. When I finish drug court my charges that are against me are dropped.

I pray that I can get a good job and I pray that the job the Lord has in mind for me will be understanding and give me a chance. I really hope that I get the position that will help me and others the most. I hope that my future job only brings glory to God.

I pray that my background check or my past wrongs do not affect my future employment.

I pray that employers would have an understanding heart and an open mind.

I pray that I will continue to heal from Mom’s passing. I know she’s in heaven I just really miss her. It just seems like so much has happened negatively that I hope the tides will turn and positive things will begin to happen. Amen