Praying Girl

Prayer Support Needed for me to Study.

Hi all..

I have a prayer request.

I am in my 4th semester studying for engineering. At time’s I just don’t understand why I don’t study? I am really Lazy after joining for Engineering. Simply sit and waste time over useless things which give no gain.

I know what I’m doing is wrong and want to correct myself. It’ll only be able with God’s help.

I want you all to pray for me,so that I minimize my usage of internet and TV shows and really take in time for my study.

Having exams in April mid and i really need to start studying now. Do help me out and be with me in my prayer. Really do need prayer support from you all.

I will give in a weekly update of how much i manage to control myself and sit for study.
Thank You all.

Praying sincerely to God to help me out of this.
I wan’t to study well and make my parents proud.

I already have an arrier in my first semester. Cannot afford to lost one more subject. Don’t know why I lost my concentration and mind to study?

It just pains me. At night I cry myself to sleep. Cannot get what’s happening with me.


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