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Prayer Request

Hi guys I just wanted to ask for prayer because right now I’m struggling.

Over the past year God has really helped me to grow and trust in Him more and He has healed me of a lot of hurt from past situations and feelings that have made me feel damaged, unloved and unworthy. I have moved churches and I am going to be baptized on the 25th of march at my new church.

The people there are like a second family and especially my pastor and his wife who have just encouraged me and been there for me when I really needed it. They helped me overcome the challenges I have faced about leaving college and unemployment I am going through now.

I just wanted to ask for prayer because I don’t know where else to turn with this. I got a letter in from college saying I owe them just over £100 due to overpayment on their behalf of my course funding and because I don’t go anymore. They are requesting it to be paid within 28 days and I’m terrified. My finances are really tight just now and I don’t have the money to pay it back.

I was meant to have a temporary job, but it all fell through and now I have no job and no money at all. I never worry about money because I know God provides our every need and He has provided for me in situations like this in the past, I just feel overwhelmed with the situation because I feel so lost right now and not knowing what God’s plan is, is causing me to freak out!

I’m not sure if I am being called into ministry or not and the thought is really scaring me because it has been mentioned to me in many ways recently, but it’s been approached gently without anyone really realising what they are saying. But anyways, I have started to look into it and its one of those things where if that door were to open, I don’t know what will happen and it scares me to my core! I just wanted to ask prayer for basically guidance and help in what to do and how to get out of my present situation, because I’m just really confused!

Thanks for reading and praying – it is greatly appreciated <3 Xx


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