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Prayer Request to Heal Me Fully of GERD

Since 2013, I have struggled with GERD – It comes and goes and as a result, I am careful with all I eat, drink and how I sleep.

But in the past few weeks, it’s been a struggle – My tummy gets this weird sensation when I drink carbonated drinks, and then recently I get reoccurring tummy aches if I eat certain things.

I always come to this website when I need God and prayers and I am doing so again. Please pray for me to gain healing and that this would go away and not return. My body would be cleansed, and I would be free of any disease now and in the future. Thank you.


  1. Emory 7/14/2022
  2. Sunday Akodu 7/14/2022
  3. Mehr shahukar 7/16/2022
    • Sunday Akodu 7/16/2022

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