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Prayer For Miracle Healing For Trooper

I write this with a very heavy heart and with tears falling as I type. Please pray for Trooper to be healed and restored to health. I need him to get relief from his pain: his rear legs, back , mass on right ear, inside and out, deafness, depression, lethargy, confusion. He falls down, stumbles on his front paws. He isolates away from us, no longer likes being held, being close, social w/us. He seems to have lost interest in even going out for his early morning walk, no longer waits patiently for someone to wake up to take him out. We live in a house in Mesa, Arizona very quiet and safe. But he seemed really reluctant to go outside today- not really scared, or something, just no interest, and he turned around and walked back into the house.

His hind legs are stiff, and they split when he’s standing or eating. He has trouble getting up. He’s on prednisone, which I have a gut feeling to discontinue it. His back legs seem a LITTLE stronger in the week he’s been on them, but it’s also the start of the major changes in his personality. He still eats and goes potty okay. He’s eating much more, but not enjoying it, cause it’s hard for him to stand. He’s panting excessively and drinking more water than usual. He still has light in his eyes, but he suddenly seems indifferent.

My heart is breaking, I can hardly breathe, the pain I feel is overwhelming right now. I’ve been having these horrible thoughts of maybe taking him for one last trip to the vet, the “one-way trip” for him. He hates the vet’s office- he trembles and shakes when he has to go. How can I possibly take him to a place of fear for him out of love? I can’t. There’s no easy solution or remedy. I don’t know what to do. I need intercessory prayer for him to receive a miracle, and some mercy, love, and comfort from the Father in Heaven who created him.. Please pray also for me, as I don’t know how much more my heart can take- it’s ripping to shreds. . . . Trooper can be healed by our Lord and Savior, but I’m having trouble with God staying silent about this.

I have no peace about anything concerning my baby boy. I don’t know if it’s time to say good-bye. I don’t think I can do it. Please pray for me to get help with decisions about his health, his life, how to comfort him. He just sleeps all day long, just lies there, and I hear him sighing. He snores, even when he’s not asleep- I think he has some breathing issues, too. He will look up occasionally, then lays his little head down again. He seems so stiff; he lies on the floor or in his bed in crazy positions. He often faces the wall. His butt slides under him and he just goes down, slowly, and stays there. I have to help him sometimes straighten his legs out so he can stand. We need a miracle. Please help us. Thank you, God bless you. I’m sorry about this lengthy letter- I ‘ve been holding all of this in for months as I’ve watched get progressively worse; I have no one to talk to about him- except God, but God doesn’t answer. I have cried out to Jesus for Trooper, but I see and hear nothing from Him. So Please, maybe He’ll hear and answer you.

Peace and blessings in Christ,



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