Praying Girl

Prayer for Marriage Restoraion

I have been married for 22 years and although they have not been the greatest we still remained a family. There have been many arguments due to his family and daughter’s behavior. They are very disrespectful at times and it became harder for me to zip my lips.

We started growing apart from one another we slept in different rooms and hardly communicated with one another. He went overseas to work and we began to communicate more. It came to a screeching halt when his daughter and her 2 kids wanted to come visit.

I suggested to send her brother (my son) out to help with the kids on the planes she said yes, but 3 days later my husband called and said she got a friend to help instead of our son and he will buy the tickets. I questioned his decision and he exploded. He wasn’t really in his daughter life due to military and her mother. We only saw her summer and Christmas break.

She told him she never really felt love from him and now he is carrying around a lot of guilt and is trying to buy her love by sending her money constantly. He now wants a divorce because he needs to put her first and she will live with him because she now blames me for everything. I need prayer to hope he will see that Satan is using her to attack our marriage.