Praying Girl

Need Prayer and Deliverance from God

My name is sherin. I am 21 years old. I got saved and was baptised last year. I was so happy with God and he started comforting me from all my problems and disabilities.

My parents got separated long back and am staying with my dad. My dad tried to take care of me well but had its own problems. As a child I felt lonely and always felt a need for my mother. We were in Saudi Arabia at that time and we were not in fellowship with so many people.

My dad had to resign the job as it was hectic for him to care for us (2 girls) and manage the job and we settled in India in 2011. In school by God’s blessing I got a good friend and with her constant prayer and support, I accepted Jesus as my personal saviour.

Need prayer – as I am the elder, I had to take care of so many things and got lost. I was good in academics in school. But when I reached college, I was not able to concentrate. I am not even able to talk to anyone happily. I feel so desperate inside and always feel tired to do anything.

I am ready to do anything for my family but am not able to. I feel ashamed and just cannot talk when I see someone… I am not able to stay focused and take proper decisions. Please pray for me and my family.