Praying Girl

Pray For Me

Hello all –

I want to experience the comforting love from God.

I go to church and read the bible at times but have not ever felt that feeling that people talk about from God.

I have prayed for forgiveness of all past sins and I beleive that Jesus died on the cross for my sins.. I get emotional most times when I think of God’s sacrifice for me, his promisies, the privilages I am blessed with, salvation and others alike.

I want more… I want the anointing of the holy spirit baptism. I have prayed and have gone up for prayers several times and I know God will bless me with it very soon.

I am faced with some personal struggles right now and have prayed for God to provide an answer, a direction and I have not heard or felt anything and its just tough at times.

I know prayer works and I am asking my fellow christians to pray for me and with one accord, I know my God above will show me his love and annoint me with the power as it notes in Acts.

Blessing to all.


  1. Brandon 1/27/2013
  2. papy 1/28/2013
  3. Stef 1/30/2013
  4. ginkster777 2/23/2013
  5. John 3/4/2013

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