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Pray for My Friend Suffering from PCOD, Which Has Become Worse

(Sorry for my English) My fellow believers, we believe Jesus Christ has died for our sins. My friends, I need you. My friend needs you.

My friend is just 27. Her name is Sonam (Pinky). She has a PCOD condition which has become worse now. She has been fighting this disease very strongly. Her last report was so scary and worrysome. It might turn into a cancer stage or maybe it is already in it.

She is in lot of pain. She has lost all the hope of treatment. We need a lot of prayer. She needs prayer. She has lost all the hope. I know only our saviour can heal her.

My brothers and sisters please pray for her as I am scared and anxiety is hitting me too. I will pray for you. I know what trust can do (Mark 5:21-43).  Lord give us all the strength and blessings. God bless you all.


  1. Emory 6/2/2020
  2. Denis 6/3/2020
  3. Boons 6/3/2020
  4. Linda Sturm 6/6/2020
  5. Angel 6/6/2020
  6. Mike Henry Sr. 6/6/2020
  7. Jill Hingyi 6/6/2020
  8. Ms. Speakthewordonly 6/7/2020
  9. mansi chaudhary 6/9/2020

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