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Pray for my Dad

Hello brothers and sisters!
I am writting to you about a serious matter. I need you to help me pray for my father unfortunatelly he has turned his ways from the lord into a life of sin. I have prayed but find it necessary for others to pray with me about this matter. My father has fallen into the addiction of gambling. It all started when a “friend” invited him over to a casino one evening and even since then we never see my father anymore. He has been gambling with that man for about six months. Our financial stability has worsened because he will not support his fair share and he wont become the head of the household. I love my father and would not want to see him forever in this situation. I come to all of you and ask if you can please take the time to pray with me so he can be freed from these chains of gambling and throwing away money it has gotten so severe my mom was confiding in me that she wants a divorce. She has put up with a lot over 30 years of marriage but of everything this has made her very depressed and angry. Please help me pray.
Thank you 😀


  1. John 10/22/2011
  2. mimis 10/23/2011
  3. Michael 10/24/2011
  4. mimis 10/25/2011

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