Praying Girl

Praise The Lord Who Opens the Red Sea for Me Many Times

I would like to thank and praise The LORD Jesus Christ: He hath done great things in my life and I live today because of His Grace and Mercies. Today The LORD reminded me to Seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness and all my needs shall He provide in His perfect time. He is faithful and He has not once failed me. I live this life like a pilgrim and stranger, as His Word says. I have forsaken many things of the past which were hindrances to my faith life in Christ, worldly things and worldly relationships that the enemy used to get a foothold in my life. God had given me complete freedom from them. The LORD also told me today not to look back like Lot’s wife did or I will be unfaithful and I will lose my blessing. Friends I also want to encourage those of you who have made decisions to follow Christ and given up many things, turned back on your old lives, not to dwell on the things past and not to look back, no matter how trying your current circumstances are because the present and the future has GREAT HOPE and the past is reserved for God’s destruction. The LORD is purifying His people. Keep moving walking, by faith each step trusting God’s leading and providence, it is the narrow way that leads to LIFE and LIFE IN ABUNDANCE. Spiritual Sodom and Gomorrah cities are reserved for His destruction. Don’t hold on to anything of Sodom or Gomorrah. Run and save yourselves by the faith of The LORD Jesus Christ.

I humbly request for your prayers, dear fellow true believers. I am 32 years of age and I am moving to a new city on my own (not exactly as God will be with me every step of the way), a city that I know not or any one. I will be starting afresh and from scratch. I dare not trust in persons but I will trust The LORD and I will trust He will bring into my life His Good and Perfect Plan and also true believers who also love Him and follow His Ways. Time is short: we must be ready for Jesus’ second coming. We must be get our lives right with Him. We must repent of all sin and depend on His Grace to walk with Him righteously in this wicked world. We must be shining with the glory of God by proclaiming the Truth of Salvation in Jesus Christ. We must no longer walk after our own selfish ambitions but be led to do all His Will and surrender our lives to Him to guide and lead us to green pastures and still waters and even valleys of darkness. He will keep us from all harm.

I also want to praise and thank God for this blogsite where I can find believers who shew forth His Praise by sharing their testimonies of His goodness and grace upon them. Your testimonies have encouraged me so much.

Praise The LORD for He makes ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL in His Time.