Peace Girl - I Overcame my Struggle

Power of Your Prayers

Today, I pen this down upon successful completion of my Bachelor of Laws degree, as an external student with the University of London. I believe I for one have stood as a testimony for many of lives blessings since I was a young girl. By twenty, my dad passed away unexpectedly. In my early twenties, I got married to something I knew would not work out but I had to proceed with for underlying circumstances, at point which I was pursuing my first-year degree.

I attended college, and later stopped as I could not attend for full time classes as I was occupied with a full-time job and running a family and became a self-studying private candidate instead. My spouse (now my almost ex-husband) seemed supportive to the front of the world however within four walls, I had to endure physical, emotional and verbal abuse day in day out. I could not communicate with my family, but I did not give up praying. I did not attend church. But God heard my prayers. He showered me with guidance, strength and love.

I come from a large, happy, joyful family and one wrong marriage robbed it away from me. But my drive to attain my dreams (to be an Advocate & Solicitor) only grew stronger the more I had to endure sleepless nights in that marriage. I completed my second-year exams and did not perform as well.

My then husband said I would fail my degree, I should quit my degree and that I would be better off doing something else as if I scored a general degree, it would be “useless.” He labelled me “stupid” as well.

(In my country, you need a minimum second-class lower division to be eligible to complete the local bar exams, thus a general degree will not suffice).

But through all of this, God, was beside me. He gave me the courage to walk away one fine day from the abuses for good. I left him, I started my life from scratch all over again and I continued to complete my final year degree after saving up some funding, someone sponsored (GOD HEARS YA! TRUST ME! SOMEONE EVEN SPONSORED FUNDING) and getting gracious assistance from my ever-encouraging mother.

This time, my educational turmoil still did not come to ease as I had a job that required me to work 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and to return back to work at 10 p.m. This required twice the amount of effort from me as I lacked rest and studied during the nights. I did not give up. I studied, I prayed. God did not let me down.

When he says I will walk with you, believe me, he will. I self-studied the entire final year myself and I frankly did not know what I was doing because the syllabus were wide and it was in a disarray in my mind. Young teens who are reading this, don’t you ever doubt the power of a praying mother! She did not give up praying. She gave me the word of advise every time I needed the push.

I did well in two papers and failed one paper with an attempt of resitting in October. By this time, I did not know if I could score a B for this paper which I had 2 weeks to study for. I used whatever time I had in my plate to concentrate and seeked for guidance from God.

Today, I have attained my LLb (Hons). God gave me the strength to endure the passing of my father, a failing marriage did not stop me, a difficult divorce process did not stop me, the difficulty of self-studying did not stop me. You can do all things if you set your heart to it.

Pray, pray to God and seek guidance. Put in your effort. God will not let you down. God will never let his children down. He watched me choose a wrong life partner, he gave me the strength to overcome the wrong decision, he led me to complete my degree and he has brought me to who I am today. I give all praise and glory to God… and secondly, to my parents.


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