Young man

Pornography Is the Worst Addiction

I am 17 and was previously delivered from marijuana and heavy partying. But the worse temptation of them all, was pornography. Pornography to me, is the worst addiction that I went through and still struggle with today.

A lot of people may be reading this and thinking how is pornography more addicting than drugs? I can’t tell you why, but I can tell you that any sin is tempting because it tempts sinners. I can honestly say I spent countless hours and days being indulged in the addiction. Any chance I had; I would take it. It was like food, I had to eat in order to be filled.

It soon put me into a depression, which I can’t figure if it was from the side effects of drugs, or that pornography was so addicting. I soon found myself wondering why I was so addicted and why after being saved was I still being tempted.

The truth is, (I am kind of backtracking) I was saved back in January after I woke up one morning, after a heavy night of partying, and realized God was calling me back to Him (I was brought up in the church and began to cover myself with sin around the age of 15). So, after all of this I still wondered why I was indulging myself in constant sin.

Then I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I prayed and asked God to change my hardened heart and make it clean again. I just prayed this prayer today after having an on an off struggle with sin. So, if you read this, I ask that you pray for me (Brandon) to stay strong in the Lord.