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A Little Testimony Poetry Style

The touch of God is something impossible to explain,
But when it happens you know it’s Him, because you’ll never be the same.
For a long time I became very blind-
Blind to the sinful life and lies that tortured my mind.
I couldn’t sleep at night,
Everyday became an internal fight-
A fight to find a purpose for my life,
A fight to stop reaching for a bottle and knife.
Who would’ve ever thought that something like this could happen?
Then again, how could anyone know? I wouldn’t let anybody in.
When I was fifteen years old,
God burned a desire in my heart that would require me to be bold.
It was and is a desire to sing,
Because what great joy to God it will always bring.
There’s nothing I’d love to do more,
Than lead people into the presence of Jesus, the One I adore!
There is such a connection i feel,
When worshiping the only God that’s real.
Now I see why Satan tried to take me out,
And fill my mind with nothing but lies and doubt-
Because Jesus and Satan are their own team,
And there’s nothing the enemy loves to do more than take people out before they realize they have been redeemed.
Satan HATES seeing anyone w/the Holy Spirit fire,
Because its our souls even he desires.
I now see why he wanted mine so bad,
Because he knows how dangerous I am for God, and THAT makes me glad.
Minus the details of the negative attack,
The most important thing to share is the love that will never lack.
The love of JESUS CHRIST!! My very best friend-
The One who said “Alaina, it is not time for your life to end..”
“Stop trying to live to please everyone else, and just simply live to please Me.”
“Because when you do, people will look at you and it will be My love through you that they’ll see.”
Hearing those words broke me in the middle of the day,
And that’s when I knew Jesus was and is thee ONLY way!
On October 16, 2011, the Holy Spirit came upon me..
And to anyone who has Him boxed up and kept in “Bible Days” needs to open their eyes to see,
That the God their keeping in a box
Has healed me completely inside and out, and He will answer the door to ANYONE who simply knocks.
The spirit of religion will keep people content and feeling good enough to get by-
But the God I serve, the same God in the Bible, deserves so much more! and thats why its Him who I rely.
Because without Him-without God, our next heart beat, our next breath, is not gaurenteed!
It’s time we take a stand and let the God of the universe lead!
My prayer is that one day God will open all eyes!
And help people realize,
Help them realize the reality of who HE is before its too late,
Too late, wishing they’d served HIm with ALL their hearts in EVERYTHING they do before they get to Heaven’s Gate.
Even God knows this life can be hard to survive,
But when the things that break the heart of God begin to break ours; thats when we begin to revive.
God won’t ask us what our batting averages or era’s were,
But rather, how we displayed His love on this earth-
He’s not going to ask us how many friends we had,
But rather how many people we were a friend to whether they seemed good or bad-
He wont ask “what clothes did you wear?”
But He’ll ask how many clothes did you share?
He won’t ask a lot of things we think are important in this life that we try to accomplish..
It’s unfortunate that the world has brainwashed us to think its money that makes us rich-
Sure money allows us to buy nice things,
But it’s leading people to Christ that makes Heaven sing!-
When we fall inlove with someone, that’s all that’s one our mind,
And falling inlove with Jesus will separate you from this world and you’ll become one of a kind!-
The gifts God has engraved on your heart will begin to show,
And with those gifts they will continue to help you grow-
Grow in His light, His love, His pure joy, His kind spirit, His gentle words, I could go on and on about the importance of allowing God to sync you heart with His,
And the importance is this-
Once your heart is synced with the Lord’s,
This life will suddenly make sense, because you’ll see what your going towards-
Him, simply Him,
And there will be nothin dim-
Because you will be a light!
A light that overcomes all darkness because it’s so bright!-
I hope this makes sense to you like it does to me, because it’s all so real,
All you have to do is ask God what you want Him to reveal!

-By:Alaina Shull-


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