Praying Girl

Please Pray For My Situation

I believe that its important to ask for prayer when you need it.  I have seen God move in ways that should give me strong faith in my situation but I’m in it and am afraid.

I have been living in the US for the last 10 years legally and have recently got engage to an amazing woman. I am out of the US, at home now, waiting to have my visa renewal interview and am worried they will not because I have a criminal record. The thought of a permanent ban has me very concerned and worried about my future and I don’t want to completely ruin my fiances future. It feels like my future could be wiped out.

Can you please pray that God will do what only he can do.




  1. armand 11/2/2019
  2. Eugene Thomas 11/2/2019
  3. RM 11/2/2019
  4. Deborah Gonzalez Knight 11/2/2019
  5. Whitney Manuel 11/3/2019

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