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Please Pray for my Children

I posted a while back (Please pray for my marriage), well I see now that my wife will never take me back and I’ve learned to live with it. well my children are taking it hard and are giving my wife a hard time with school, anger, depresion, and lonleyness. I try talking to my kids to obey and respect there mother, I know that my wife and I love and show love to our kids but when I get my kids they are always telling that they don’t feel loved by there mother. My wife is a very good mom, she works hard all day for them and she loves them very much. Well latley she has been getting calls at work from school about our 14 year old daughter ditching school and hanging out with the wrong kids, then she calls me at work to let me know. I pray day and night for my wife and kids but I am limited to what I can do. I beg my fellow Christians to please pray for my wife and children, my poor wife can use all the prayer she can get. Thank you and God Bless you all.


  1. Cheeryleesa 11/15/2012
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  3. ginkster777 2/23/2013

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