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Please Pray for Me – Herpes

Hi All,

I am so happy that I found this site.  I grew up in a Christian household since I was a kid and was shocked when I contracted HSV2 in 2008.  It has been on my mind every day since and I have been looking for cures all over the internet.  I have tried all sorts of alternative treatments and nothing worked.  I have also prayed to God about getting rid of this disease, but this far, I still have the disease.

Yesterday, I was thinking about my life and how I felt like God was speaking to me get closer with him these days.  Then all of a sudden, I did a search on healing herpes with God and found this site.   I am asking everyone who has experience with this to give me some advice and also pray for me.  I really want this virus out of my system and will pray very hard everyday.  The success stories on this site really motivate me to work and pray harder.  I just humbly ask that people who read this can also join me in prayer for my healing.  I want to get a blood test next month and am praying that I get rid of this disease.  Thank you.


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