Praying Girl

Please Help Me Pray And Get Through This. Thank You

Well, I made a major mistake in the last week sleeping with two people, both I really like and have been trying to decide who I want to be serious with. Bad idea, I know. I just feel so alone most days. I wanted to make the right choice.

I had a break out today of two odd spots and after investigating options. I believe it is HSV I’m very scared to tell both of them but its only fair. I have always gone to church and I’ve missed the last couple weeks and have been feeling off. Then I have a break out.

So please help me pray that this clears up and it is not hsv when I go to the doctor. I am so embarrassed and heart broken. I’ve only told one person my concern and they agreed to help me pray it’s not… I just want to get back on the right track. So please help pray that it’s not HSV and I get on the right path…

Thanks everyone, you’re all in my prayers as well. May God be with you.

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