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God’s Perfect Timing

I belong to a wonderful Church called Jenkins Memorial Church. I am also part of a Ministry there called the Sunshine Ministry. We are a visitation team. We visit shut-ins. We visit people in the hospital, we try to spread as much Sunshine as we can to people who need it.

This is a testimony to God’s perfect timing. If you walk in the will of God, good things happen.

We had a women from Church who had spent a lot of time in the hospital and in a rehabilitation center and then back in the hospital. There are 5 of us in the Sunshine Ministry. We had all been visiting this women often. She was in Intensive Care on a ventilator. She had pneumonia. I myself had been on a ventilator and knew how uncomfortable and frustrating it was so I stopped in to visit her almost everyday.

Here is where God’s timing works.

One day I leave my office and it is about 1 pm. I normally get off at 3 or 4 pm. I decided that I needed to go visit this women in the middle of the day, right now. The hospital is approximately 50 miles away. While on the way I think about getting her a radio for music. I listen to Christian radio stations and they had been playing Christmas music non stop. I thought perfect, she needs to have a radio to listen to Christmas music. On low of course because she is in ICU and I am fairly certain it is against some rule, some where.

My first thought was to go to my house and get a clock radio from down in my basement somewhere. I was just being cheap as money is tight right now. Then I thought if I am walking in God’s will and it’s his will then I need to just buy a radio on the way there. I did just that on the way there.

As I got out of the truck it was a beautiful sun-shining day, what a joy, and I was hoping nobody from work would call me as I was 50 miles away. Once inside the store I asked someone for help explaining I wanted a radio for someone in the hospital, not a nice Christmas gift I wanted something cheap as it may get lost. The employee thought that was so nice and led me right to an AM-FM clock radio for $5. PERFECT. I continued on to the hospital. When I got there I went into ICU.

The hospital was great. Every time we go there we quietly and respectfully over the ICU entrance intercom say to the nurses station,

“Hello, Church family to visit so and so in bed 8 please if this is a good time.”

Hard to say no to that! Anyhow I went in and she was sleeping. As I was taking the radio out of the bag she woke up. She opened her eyes and took a look and I told her shhhhh! it’s me, don’t try to talk. I got the radio out, found a spot for it, plugged it in, tuned it in to a Christian radio station, found just the right volume and set it down.

As I turned around the operating room nurses came into the room. As I am not family so they could not tell me anything. I told her I would stay with her, I went down with her all the way to the swinging doors into the operating room, I prayed with her, and told her I would be there when she got out. There was no one else there with her.

You tell me! Did our Almighty God want someone to be with her? We are free willed, I could have not left work, I could have not gone to the store for the radio, I could have gone to the house for a hour searching for a radio, I could have done any of the above and at any time changed my mind and justified it by saying just about anything, too early, too late, took too long will go up tomorrow.

The Lord touched me mid day 50 miles away and walked with me right up to the swinging doors into the operating room!

He Loves all of us SO much.

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