Passed Exam By Jesus’ Grace

My overdue testimony

In the past nearly two years my life has been rocked with uncertainties and tribulations. In Jan of 2017 my house was targeted by vandals and  repeated vandalism continued until March around the time I was about to do my postgraduate exam. I moved into a temporary room. I failed my exam and I felt my world collapsing. I fell in depression.  Jesus was with me in that dark time! I fell into an abyss that not even my family would understand as I live alone here in the UK. The church people stood by me and I am grateful for the community I formed.

I remember I once broke down at work and was asked to go home and get some help and my work supported me throughout the time. Thank God for them.

This experience made the issue of pride to surface and I had to have a deep look at it. When I failed the exam I was not at a good baseline spiritual and mental health and the failure made me go to ROCK BOTTOM! At this rock bottom I was humbled from the pride I was carrying. I realised there is a freedom when you at rock bottom as there is nothing to protect or lose and your trust in the Lord increases. I felt a deep spiritual release from this time although in a worldly sense was painful to face people etc.

I slowly looked up to Jesus and I saw the hand of God. I moved to a new flat which was much safer. Later in the year I did the final exam and passed. Last year I passed the training as well got my MRCGP. I had my graduation in Dec 2019 by the grace of God.

I thank Jesus for his faithfulness and let all glory be unto Him!


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