Praying Girl

Nothing but Good Will Come from This

Howdy my name is Christopher but I go by Chris, this is not my story, I believe this is about Jesus and Kevin, a story of what Jesus can do and does and is doing.

7 years ago my mom met a man called Kevin over I think an online dating website. they both talked for awhile here and there I believe. she told me how nice he was and caring, but he worked long hours as a manager at theater for I think 10 years, he’s been having some back issues during those times and he saved as much as he could from working and invested into stocks. it wasn’t in till I think 1 0r maybe two years ago, so 2015 or 2016 is when he no longer could work cause his back was hurting way to much.

My mom would ask him to come to church sometimes and talk to him about God and what she believed in but he wouldn’t listen I think most of the time. well a little bit later Kevin lost his job then his house he was getting remodeled or built. then he had to move in with his parents which he didn’t mind and or my mom since she finally got to met them after 4 or 5 years I think. Then Kevin’s mom(Gloria) got ill and he wasn’t quite the same you know.

My mom thought church would be a great idea plus she felt like she needed to tell about our friend Jesus. she got to talk to her for a bit, and my mom made a prayer request for Gloria and gave it to our church Auburn Foursquare now River Foursquare, and that’s when I was back into church again and I prayed for her to be healed and not to be in the hospital any longer and return back to her family. Mom’s was similar, to be healed but she would be a testimony to Kevin’s family and get out of the hospital, not quite sure on the last part but anyway.

Gloria ended up passing away. Note Jesus did answer our prayers, found out from my mom that Kevin asked for prayers as well while it was happening. anyway I believe that Jesus did heal her by taking away her suffering and did take her out of the Hospital for a couple of days, I think my mom stated. Well I think Kevin didn’t see it that way at all or either cause my mom I think she said he was rather depressed and I think I would be too to be honest I think we all would understand that.

Next Kevin is scheduled for back surgery and had it done late October I what to say and 2 weeks later I think my mom said that he wasn’t raised in a religious background what so ever. So in November she felt she needed to be there for him and help him recover. Finally as of 9:29pm of 12/5/2017 she called me saying that Kevin was trying to eat newspaper thinking it was a sandwich and on top of that, there was a couple of pans just burning with nothing in them when she arrived. Please include Kevin in your prayers. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas and happy new year two.