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Not Allowed to Be Together

Okay just a little advice is needed here. Save me from depression. Lol. I’m currently 16 years old and November made three years that I’ve been in a relationship with, one who I believe to be, the love of my life.

But here’s where I need the help. When we met, we were two totally different people, as he was in church as a pentecostal apostolic young man I was not raised in church. However I did know know who Jesus was from the very beginning. Being that it is now December, last month marks one year that I’ve been attending Calvary apostolic church faithfully two days a week. Within the one year that I’ve been there I have been saved. Received the Holy Ghost and have been baptized.

This man has absolutely changed my life. Jesus is above all in my life. <3 here's the question.. We're not allowed to be together. I can't get the message. My heart aches everyday.

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  1. wmws 12/28/2013

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