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From Nonbeliever to JESUS! (My Brother Saved My Soul)

Hey guys,

My name is Alex, I’m 30 years old.

I want to share some family background with you. I had one sibling, a brother who was 10 yrs older then me. My dad was an alcoholic. He drank everyday. My brother and I went through a lot of emotional abuse growing up. Me and my brother were really close and shared an unbreakable bond. He was my best friend and someone I looked up to. He had a heart of gold.

When I turned 8 yrs old he left for the Army. It broke my heart but I couldn’t blame him for leaving the toxic environment we were in. He stayed in the army for 19 years and he would have retired at 20 years but on September 30, 2017 he was called home. The cause of death was suicide.

My background on religion.  We were born into a Catholic family. We went to church when we were younger with my mom. My mom was a woman of faith. But my brother and I went to church as a routine. We didn’t share a relationship with God. We didn’t share true faith for God. I remember in fact falling asleep in church most of the time. When I got older, I started to doubt if God really existed. I never had God in my mind as I got to be an adult.

I started to live my life my way. Through heartbreak and trying to find happiness in other people, I started to use drugs, alcohol and smoke weed. I put myself in a lot of dangerous situations. I came close to death a couple times because of my recklessness. I rebelled from when I was 17 to about 25 years old. I put my mom through a lot of pain. I got pregnant at 17. Even when I had my son I still partied my 20s away.

I experienced something divine after my brother passed away. It’s going to be hard to express through text, but I’ll try my best. So, from ever since I can remember from my childhood until when my brother passed, I always doubted if God really existed. I wanted to believe he did but I had no true faith.

My mom would tell me to pray to God with all my heart to reveal himself to me but I never did. She was always the one with faith in our family. Sometimes I would post quotes from the Bible but never believed them. I also had a fear of death and a worry about what happens when u die. But after my brother passed away he literally saved my soul and that’s what I wanna share with you now on how he that happened .

When I got the news of his death my world fell apart I was desperate to know why he left us and where he was or where his soul was. I was going crazy crying myself to sleep every night and waking up crying. It was the 3rd or 4th night that I literally just finally cried out to God begging him to let me know if my brother was ok and where he was and I said to him,

“If you are real God then show me, please!”

I screamed it and meant it with all my heart!  Exactly 2 weeks later I had an out of body experience when I fell asleep that’s all I can really call it because of how it felt. 1 min I’m sleeping dreaming about something chaotic with no sense I really don’t even remember what the dream was about then literally I was taken out of that dream like as if a force or power pulled me out and suddenly, I’m face to face with my brother.

If I had to guess my visit with him was only a min. I can’t tell exactly because time didn’t exist at the moment. Physically how it looked was It was a big room or space but not really a room there were no walls it was white all over the place but a white I have never seen here on earth it was so pure and the light reflecting off of him was bright but not offensive to my eyes! He looked healthy, younger and was glowing! He looked at me straight in my eyes and somehow in this experience we were able to speak through telepathy I know this sounds crazy but It’s true.

He told me he was ok through telepathy; he was smiling so big and even if he wouldn’t have said anything, just the feelings and emotions I felt and seeing him was enough to know he was in heaven. The love of God literally poured in me as he was looking at me. It was so overwhelming! I knew it was God’s love because I never felt a love like that here on earth not even from my own parents who I know love me so much. I felt so much peace and comfort, but it was so heightened and also nothing I’ve ever felt here on earth.

His visit was only a minute but It was enough to know God was real and that my brother was indeed in heaven! The same force or power that pulled me in this visit with him pulled me out. I was sucked out of it with great force and I woke up! This was so intense that I was feeling the same heightened love, peace and comfort I felt in the experience when I woke up, but only it was gradually going down by the minute. I couldn’t believe it! It was the first night I didn’t cry over not knowing where he was. Anytime I cried after that was only because I missed him. I couldn’t thank God enough for answering me! It’s almost been a year and I remember that experience as if it happened last night!

So after that happened I started searching on YouTube to see if anyone out there had experienced what I did and I found a few under “dream visitations” it only confirmed what I experienced to be true! I felt such a relief and my parents did too they are at peace now knowing we will all see each other again one day. I’m not scared of death like I used to be or worry about what happens when we die.

I hope this experience gives u hope Mathias. God loves all of us so much and if we ask him to reveal himself with all of our hearts he will reveal himself. I don’t want u to take this as I want u to believe in something u don’t believe in… I’m just giving u a truth that I never thought was real. I know what I experienced was real and no matter how much time has passed, you’re still my nephew and I love u very much and I know God and brother gave me this experience as a gift so that I can tell my parents and you that there is an afterlife and a heaven.

Sorry, this was so long I was trying to explain it the best I could…

Hope to hear from u soon?

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