Troubled couple

Newly Married

Hi, this is my first time writing on here. This seems to be a wonderful website, and I have enjoyed much of the testimony that I have read. The Lord seems to be with you all.

I am newly married, have been for only 3 months. I have entered a difficult time in my life and am having faith that God will make all well.

For the last few weeks, I had been wondering about where I stood with my wife. Eventually I told her that I felt I was not a priority to her and that there were several others in her life including herself that come before me. I have felt neglected and taken for granted. I do love her unconditionally with all my heart and try to show her that daily, however I have not felt the same way.

She opened up to me when I come to her about this and informed me that her heart had been wounded from a previous relationship and with all the worrying about other things and convictions from her past, she wasn’t able to give me all of herself at the moment. She informed me that she thought she was not ready yet to marry when we did, but that she did not want to lose me.

This really crushed me at the time and broke my heart. This was last week. I told her this was so hard for me because I had never in my life been the center of someone’s attention or a real importance to anyone (including parents), so when we married, I thought I had found it in her.

I have been going to the Lord for strength and guidance and do feel better. She is also seeking the Lord to take care of her heart and give her that love for me that she and I desire. We are going to counseling starting in a couple of weeks, but I can’t say that I am yet 100% confident in the end result. We have been open with each other and get along. We know what each of us must do and are committed to it. I just hope and pray all is well soon.

Sorry to ramble on, but if anyone has any words of encouragement and strength, I would truly appreciate it. This is a hard time for me. Thank you so much for your time.


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