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The Healings Jesus Has Manifested in My Newborn Child

Hello my name is Dalton.

At 20 weeks into my wife’s pregnancy the drs diagnosed our son, Keeson,polycycstic kidneys. We knew there was nothing at all we or the drs could do to make it better, so we did all we knew to do and that is take the Word of God as it is. We placed our child in the arms of Jesus Christ and knew He was the only way Keeson could be healed and beat this disease.

So we went to a care conference in Austin, TX to meet with all of the drs and nurses who would have a part in our child’s life while he is at the hospital. The drs told us in the care conference that there was not a really big chance of him making it out of this because they didn’t know how strong his lungs would be due to a lack of amniotic fluid.

We told the Church we go to and our family and we all began go pray for Keeson. We had a peace that surpassed all understanding through all of this. Well he was born on March 4th at Seton Main in Austin, tx. The drs said he may not breathe well, the same night that he was born, he was already breathing 21% oxygen which is what we breathe everyday.

The second day he was here, he was completely breathing on his own. The drs said Keeson may not be able to pee well, he got shipped to Dells Childrens Hospital in Austin, Tx. They did a surgery and entered a cathoder that they planned on using for dialysis because both kidneys lit up so bright on the scans that the Dr actually said that his kidneys didn’t function and never would!  

We continued to believe what the Word of God says about our healing through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Well they put the cathoder in and he began to pee great on his own out of his private area, normally! That’s 2 miracles so far!

Well then the drs said he’ll probably not eat well. He started eating great and has been eating full feeds for almost a month now! That’s number 3 Miracle!

The drs also said that Keeson would have trouble gaining weight, he was born at 6.1 lbs and went down to 5.5 lbs and now weighs 7.3 lbs! We just continued to pray and speak the Word of God into the situation. 

And there is a scripture in Hebrews that says God made an oath against himself that He can’t lie against himself, so that gave us comfort that if we will continue to trust in His Word then it would be impossible for Him to fail us! The drs like to start dialysis within two weeks of having the cathoder put in, two weeks came and the drs decided they didn’t want to start yet because there wasn’t a hurry.

All Glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! So the drs said his kidneys will never function and they expected his toxin levels to continously riSe. The toxin levels got to a certain point and stopped! It caught my attention then on his due date he actually released toxins abd that told us that his kidneys were functioning! The drs were very shocked by now! They didn’t really have a explanation. We knew it was Jesus doing the work.

So by the time all of this happened, he was a month old! The drs never expected him to do any of the stuff he has done. He is now 6 weeks old and just now started dialysis and he is doing great! The Dr explained to some visitors yesterday that Keeson is the NICU Units miracle baby. Our son is on dialysis as of now but we know God promised to finish what He has started so we know it’ll end in complete healing!

I just really wanted to tell testimony of it and encourage some people who may be going through a hard time, JESUS CHRIST IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE. He can not and will not lie against himself so when you read His promises, know that if you stand on them then it’s impossible for Him to fail you as long as you really trust Him and believe He is who He says He is! Thanks for the opportunity to tell people about the mighty works of Jesus Christ!

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