People Sharing Christian Testimonies

New Life

When I came to Christ I walked by feelings and not by faith but I love god and god loves me. So soon began walking by faith and going to church. I believed in god in a whole new way. By the blood of Jesus I was being cleaned of all my sins. When I would sin I would than soon repent but wonder why I kept doing it. So I would try and change soon my self I even deleted all I my favorite songs because I really wanted to fellow god. I wasn’t being well feed by the word of god. So I looked for a another Church to go to. Soon I found one I would spent most of my time there with my brothers and sisters in Christ. There I learned a lot more about my god I had love the fellowship I would spent all of my Saturdays going to 2 different church services. I only liked going to church to get what my god had for me his word. I love the them but they had rejected me but because of was loved by god I could bare it. I would take long walks thinking about my life. I could bare the reproach of the gentiles my mother doing like much what I was doing and my gentiles friends grow to hate me. God answered my prayers at times. Even tho I was treated like a gentile by my own brothers and sisters in Christ i was covered by the blood of Jesus.

When I first read the bible I was astonished and want Christ to be my rock and my foundation but I couldn’t hear the voice of god. My god always provided me with all I needed soon by my brothers and sisters in Christ but it was done in gods way I was given a good bible that is use for studding in one church and I learned about Derek Prince in the other one brother of each church that I was going to would give me something but I was still rejected. I can know rejoice on how far I have gotten I has all I need he has provided for me by his blood my enemy’s could not get me. As a 21 year old college student i didn’t know I could be so blessed to have God. No matter were I want he was there Derek prince ministries helped me a lot even tho I was hurt by the one who introduce me to it.

I have endured much rejection and abuse by gentiles and my brothers and sisters and Christ but what I saw was the work that god was doing in me I never gave up faith even when I was down I just couldn’t. For a long time I wanted to be water baptized and be grounded in a church but there was none that I new off I really wanted this for my life. One day I want to a baptized church to find work but it didn’t go so well. later on at home while taking a bath I decided to call back the man form the church so that I could ask him if I could be water baptized but god was one step ahead of me while asking my dad to get the phone for me the phone rang and my dad said that it was for me never could I have though that god would answer my prayer in such a way. I went forth being covered in the blood to being baptized in water and in the holy spirit all in one day.

Our god is mighty and there is none like him power is he. My god showed me the meaning I having a personal relationship with him. I still can’t find a church to belong to but go to one any way and even though I am not like there talked about and even mislead the lord still provides for me I go the church so that the armor of god can stay girded with truth and that I may stay in the light. I have been given a gift to humble me self and I like it. The blood of Jesus is always covering me I am not longer in Satan territory in am part of gods kingdom fully. All my sins are cleaned and I am becoming a new man the man that god wills for me to be through the blood of Jesus.

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