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Never Forsake Him

Jesus is Lord

Five years ago, I decided to pursue another career. I was a qualified teacher at the time. I resigned and started Bcom Financial Accountancy on the extended program. One of my then colleagues asked out of curiosity who will pay for my studies. I confidently said my sister: at that time my sister was unemployed. The next year came, and I had to register. I was able to pay for registration and accommodation.

However, it was not enough. Each month I would receive emails from uni to settle my debt. My sister through the Grace of God was appointed social worker in May. She with my mother helped pay for my 1st year. 2nd year approached and I panicked because I did not have a bursary. I was depressed. Sad and hopeless. We managed to pay for registration.

In February I received my statement from campus reflecting a zero balance!!! Lord Jesus thank You. I was surprised and thought maybe it was a mistake. I went to the bursary office to inquire. The lady shared with me that I was selected by campus to receive an ABSA bursary. Jesus is Lord.

For the remaining years I did not pay a single cent. My course was 4 years. But I had one module to do because I deregistered it in 2nd year. The results came out two days ago and I passed. God is gracious. God is in control. If you’re reading this today. Never forsake Him. Keep on searching for Him.

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