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Never Alone!

I was almost 2 when my father left our family. I was confused as to why he left us all, His beautiful wife, handsome son and 2 gorgeous girls.
I never really thought it was my fault, but my Mum did. She was hurting and I could tell.

I thought Dad was a Rock star and I was a fan. I always stared like he was famous. He was in an unknown band and I don’t think anyone ever expected him to have groupies until he was caught in the act.

I was upset when I found he was gone one morning. I was too young to understand, it was like in the movies how someone dies and somebody says “He has gone on a holiday for a while.” Except he wasn’t dead and this was reality.

I got a bit older and we went on vacation.

From New South Wales to Queensland, but we stayed “cause it was for the best. By the time I was nearly 3 my father had a little boy named Levi. He was the beginning of a new commitment my Dad would have had to make. I can’t remember my age when my mother filed for divorce, but I do remember having to talk to various amounts of councillors about who I wanted to live with. I was still too young and confused so I couldn’t come to make a decision.

Dad won the first two or so court cases, but it’s not like he really appreciated that. He was out with his girlfriend almost every single night, Usually at the pub. We lived in a shed in the middle of the bush. I was scared there. I could feel a certain vibe about it and I didn’t realise til I was older and found Jesus that there were evil spirits about and I’d had many encounters with Demons.

I am now 13 and am in my first year of high school. I love Jesus more than anything. The things he has done for me and my family are amazing. I now have a step dad and he is very sweet and treats us three girls like princesses.

My older brother, Jack, is now 20 and is an incredible cartoonist. My sister is school captain and in around a month’s time has an interview with defense jobs about joining the Air force and becoming a pilot.

I know the Lord has an amazing call on us kids’ lives even if we don’t know what it is yet. His blessing are continually reigning down upon us and I am excited to see what my future holds. I want my story to be an inspiration to teens around the world with going through divorce or people who feel alone or unhappy. Jesus plays a huge role in my life and is an awesome father figure. He has taught me that I am never alone and that he hears my cries always.

If you are struggling with any issues, I do encourage you to pray and ask the Lord, Jesus Christ into your lives. You may not hear him, but he can hear every word you say and is always watching over you. 🙂