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Nervous System Restoration Needed for Mother of 4

I was put on ativan short term during pregnancy, I came off too fast. Since then I had (not claiming anything negative I know He already healed me) psychological symptoms, some too gruesome to share..I am much better but still need my healing completed.

I want a 100% full recovery from the symptoms…I know Jesus already paid, and I’m taking the word like medicine 3 times per day..I believe in strength in numbers and getting as many people to fast and pray for me as possible…and I plan on being a success story! I also need prayer for my unsaved husband and my finances. I have 4 kids, and I need strength and faith. I listen to bible cd’s while I sleep, I pray in the spirit. I have an authority prayer I want you all to join me in at least once per day until I get my victory.

thank you! god will bless you…here’s the prayer of authority..i want you to say this prayer over me and you and anyone else you want to see healed. try to do it at least once per day, remember, before praying this confess sins and pray for protection against retaliation from satan. dear heavenly yahweh, in the name of your son, yeshua I boldly approach your throne in the name of your son, yeshua, on behalf on behalf of ariane jeane bloom. I praise you and thank you for her life, and for purpose. I give you the highest praise, your name is above all names.

Your word says whatever we ask in Jesus name, if we beleive we receive we shall have it sot that our joy may be full. your word also says the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

In your name I cast down all hinderances to my prayers, I take authority over this injustice to Ariane. She has work to do in this Earth, and she will do it fully restored and with the sound mind you promised her in 2nd timothy 1 vs 7.

Her healing was already paid for and she don’t have to suffer anymore. I thank you for restoring her to the way she was intended to be before the foundation of the earth. I command satan to get his dirty hands off Ariane’s brain and nervous system and life. I thank you, Lord that your plan for our lives includes restoration, victory and happiness.

Your word says in Mark 16:17-18 that no deadly poison or serpent will hurt her and you gave us authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and they will in no wise harm her. Thank you for bringer her out of this unharmed.

I speak life to her brain and death to satans plan of destruction, she will walk in complete health and soundness of mind. I plead the blood of Yeshua over her and her family. Your word says whatever we bind and loose on earth is bound in heaven, I submit myself to christs authority and use my god given authority to rule and legislate in prayer knowing that god the father fully backs me with his power. satan you do not have authority to stea life from ariane or her family.

I speak into existence the Father’s plan of life for ariane’s life. I command her mind and brain to come back together to better than before. I break Satans power over her life. you are demanded to repay 10 folkd what you have stolen. Lord, encamp your angels round about her entire family to protect from demonic attack and retaliation and to minister healing and blessings of provision.

I break every curse ever spoken over her. symptoms of distress and deficiency i curse you, for the bible says if if have faith i can seay to this tree, be taken up, and removed. satanic oppression leave in Yeshua’s name. Ariane’s healing is imminent and healing is manifesting as I speak. She has a divine assignment to raise godly children and serve others and she will complete her job fully restored. Thank you for provision, for happiness, and for being Lord in her life.

Grant her revelation in your word and dreams, ears to hear, eyes to see and a heart that understands. Holy spirit, comfort her and show her direction in her life as you reveal truths. God you are not bound by time or distance, your are all powerful and work out everything for her good.

In yeshuas name, amen.

If anyone wants to use this prayer for someone else feel free.I pray this prayer 3 times a day and my son does too for me. I know I will get my victory for myself and my family…and I know you guys will help me.  is there anyone that will join me in fasting and prayer to help me get my victory? Find me on facebook Ariane Bloom in Ohio or email me at rainbow_in_the_dark_1978[at]yahoo[dot]com

love ari


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