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Need your help Lord


I’m an Indian, Hindu brahmin gal. i got married some 5 years ago. My husband & i are not in good terms. he comes home late does not eat food at home. He has a female friend whom is he very close . Though she is married & has a child still she does not want to leave my husband & my husband wants to leave me for her.Though am a hindu by religion but I am a strong believer of Lord Jesus. i always loved my husband with true heart & i still do. I donno if the lord wanted me to get married to him. after 5 yrs also we are still struggling to come close to each other.i really want to start a family but husband is still not sure whether we shud continue this marriage or not.that women really wants that we shud break off.I have not lost my faith completely i still feel that i can save my marriage & bring my husband out of her clutches.

please advise me & write a few words of encouragement sothat i can continue this fight & see a happy married life one day with my kids.