Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Teen First Love… In Need of Prayer

As a child I suffered tons of verbal mental and sexual abuse. As a teen my first love used me for sex left me for another girl, he always looked so happy with her I couldn’t stand seeing them together so “in love” while I was alone and suffering.

He didn’t believe in God, but I did so why was I the one suffering like this while he was perfectly content? I cried over him publicly when I saw them together for the first time on our school bus as he was taking her home with him. Talk about being replaced! from then on, she would laugh at me every time I saw her. I was humiliated & mentally & emotionally destroyed.

Here I am many years later still suffering with depression and a broken heart, he hurt me so badly. I later heard him say that she was the best girlfriend he’s ever had. Strange how God would allow me to fall for a guy like this.

I was 15 at the time living in foster care. I had no friends, no family and now I didn’t have him. I pray every day and night for God to heal my broken heart, it just hasn’t happened for me yet and I wonder if it ever will.


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