Praying Girl

I Need Prayer for Healing from Herpes. Please Read.


I have been celibate for over a year now, I decided to dedicate my entire life to the lord and surrender myself to him about 4 months ago, since then amazing things have happened in my life. God brought the man of my dreams into my life, we both have so much love for Christ and both feel like we have been looking for each other our whole lives, our relationship is God centered and we have decided to save sex for marriage.

My love and desire to fulfill my calling for the Lord has been so strong that I have become a huge target for Satan, I am under constant attack from the devil, it has literally been one thing after another. So far every-time I have seen his tricks and turned away, strengthening my bond with Jesus. He has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at me, and now he is using my past against me. I started to develop symptoms of HSV 2.

Last year was a horrible year for me and I was involved in having unprotected sex, it continuously haunts me and I want more than anything to have my body washed from any fifth associated with my past actions, I am renewed in Christ and it is my prayer that my body be healed and also renewed.

I am absolutely convinced that I have HSV 2 and I go in tomorrow March 26th for testing. I need a miracle. I have been absolutely devastated over this, I literally could not eat for the last 2 days because I was so overwhelmed with worry and fear and guilt, scared that the results will be positive and what it would mean for the future of me and my boyfriend. I have thrown myself at the feet of God and I have repented honestly in my heart. I know in my heart it is His will to heal me, and I know for a fact that He is bigger than this virus.

I hope with every fiber of my being that God shows me a MIRACLE and the test results come back negative. I know there is power in prayer, so I am asking you all to pray for me, that he will heal my body and rid me of this virus and that my results come back negative next week. I will update you once I know the outcome. God bless.