Praying Girl

Need miracle for exams

Had a challenging set of examinations. Was disappointed as this was my 2nd attempt after not succeeding the 1st time. I studied hard and really hoped I’d do well.

The exam was just difficult. I pray to God that I make it. I need to make it. These are very important for my career. I trust God. I called upon him before writing and I trust He will sustain me and help me succeed. I pray that he guides me to my purpose. That if this is not what He has planned for me, I accept it with confidence knowing that He has something better suited for me.

Lord I trust you. I trust that whatever I ask for in your name, you will grant me in excess. Please show me a way Lord. Show me a way Lord. I kneel down and I lay my heart down so you can work on it. Just show me the way Lord.

Please help me with prayer brothers and sisters. I need strength.


  1. Kimberly 7/7/2019
    • happylifenss 7/29/2019
      • Lydia Belachew 4/8/2021

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