Praying Girl

Need Healing Mentally

I’m a 28 year old mom of a one year old.

I have had psoriasis for a few years now and God helped me navigate through that phase.

After I got married my in law has always been asking my husband to make financial payments for their needs in huge amounts which had a strain on us. When I finally confronted this issue, they have always found ways to complain about me in one way or another. We had a tough time wen they came to stay with us after we had our baby. My father in law got drunk and started yelling at me for unnecessary reasons and my mom in law was always complaing about how unhappy she is staying with us.

This gave me lots of stress and worry and totally upset me. Obviously it had a strain on my marriage as well. I was angry all the time and yelling at my husband and blaming his parents for anything and everything. This got bad and I asked my mom to come stay with us to make me feel better.

She helped me overcome lots of my sadness and worry, stress from my in laws that made my psoriasis resurface. She did this through praying and talking.

But even now sometimes, I worry for my health and then worry what will my little son do if I were to fall ill.

This though is sumthing I’m fighting daily and asking God to help me overcome. I have scheduled a full body check up on the 7th just to make myself feel better.

Please pray for me. And pray the Lord helps me overcome this mental block.


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