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Need Healing and Prayer for HSV2

Let me tell y’all… I was very devastated when I went to my ob and they told me I had this “incurable” disease… Thing is… I went to my regular doctor 3 weeks before going to the ob and I didn’t have it… But I saw an outbreak 2 months before going to the regular doctor so that’s why I am confused!

But long story short… I’ve dealt with someone that cheated with an ex that has been in another state then has come back all of a sudden. and this pops up. Claims they are negative. If you both are negative, where did this come from because I didn’t have this before meeting this guy. I wasn’t messing with anyone but trying to heal from a 3-year relationship breakup I had got out of before meeting him. I still think he gave this to me and if he did, I forgive him.

I just want God to heal this thing!!! It gives me mixed emotions and no type of hope for the rest of my life. I felt dirty and unworthy and feel I am at fault for putting myself in this position, but I just wasn’t paying attention to signs.

I’ve recently started to disconnect from this individual. got baptized and haven’t messed with him since. I personally want to focus on God more instead of venting to someone that is mentally hurting me. I’ve been going to church… praising and praying… But I keep on hearing,

“I will heal you but you have to stay on the path I have opened for you.”

and let me tell you… I don’t know if it’s just me saying this to myself, but I am scared to go to the doctor because I realllllllly want this to come back negative. I’ve been feeling spasms and hot feelings all over… I feel like it’s him working on me to heal this thing but then again… I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence :(.

I just want prayers. Please Lord… I know you can switch my life around… I gave my life to you? I just want to come back into your arms, I hope he hears me so badly!


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