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My Walk with God

In my walk with God, I learned that all of the steps that I have taken with God was by faith. But at first, I walked by feelings alone. I believed that because my God loved me that that was the only reaction that I could give back to him which was love. But the LORD showed me early in my walk with him that it had to be done by faith. I would wake up in the morning and pray and think about my life for a while then wonder how my day would be.

As I kept walking with the LORD, he showed me his promises that he made to me that he will always be there with me, and I would be untouchable to my enemy’s because he was there when I faced trouble and in the natural, I was in danger, but he was with me and still is.

When I began college, I was a Christian. At that time, I didn’t know much about the Christian life, and I didn’t even know how to pray much. I just kept to the Lord’s prayer that Jesus gave in the book of Matthew.

One day I was walking down the street when I saw a woman handing out tracks, so I went and talked to her. She gave me one of the tracks, but I decide to test her to know what she believed. I started to talk to her, and I had told her that I was a believer and I prayed and memorized the LORDS prayer.

At that time, I didn’t know had to pray any other way that she told me that was a guild line on how to pray. I was a bit spectacle at first because I didn’t want to do anything against God, so I believed her that same day later on I prayed using the Lord’s prayer as a guilt line and it blessed me a lot. But it was by faith that I had believed her because I heard it. I understand that faith comes hearing and hearing by the word of Christ. That is said in the book of Romans. I am happy to be covered by the blood of the lamb. She also invited me to her church, but I never went but I am glad she told me that.

The LORD has provided me with all I needed. I learn how all walk in the Christian life was by faith. I remember when Moses was going to cross the red sea, he just went in but think about it if had would have said GOD just move it a little so I would know then that wouldn’t have been faith. During times when I was alone, I sometimes began to think of the outcome of the day, but things went well for me.

My enemies could not tough me because I was covered be the blood of Jesus. So, I walk the streets by faith knowing that he is there. Know I walk with faith and love.

Power of Praise and Thanksgiving

In my walk with God, I have had experienced the power of giving thanks with praise. A while back ago I was feeling down and low and I began to find out why so i was listening to a broadcast radio station on the internet that was talking about the power of praise and thanksgiving. They talk about how in the book of acts two of the apostle were in jail and they began to praise God and then they were soon release from jail because of the power that came from praising God.

When covered by the blood of Jesus we have redemption out of Satan Kingdom we don’t have to come down to depression. I gave thanks to the LORD for the blessings he has given me. I also began to praise his name in my room for a while singing out loud. In the writing of Psalms, it is said that the name of the LORD should be praise form the raising of the sun till its end of each day.

Praising God didn’t come to me as an act of feeling but on my decision. This made sense to me from those apostles who were in jail, normally in a place like that the feeling of praising God wouldn’t usually you would think that people would only praise the LORD when the feel it. But in the bible, it came by making a decision. I felt so release and strong from praising God that I know longer felt oppressed. Praise the LORD


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