Praise God!

My Testimony as of Today

I grew up Christian. Bright eyed and full of dreams in a world full of possibilities.

Fast forward. I was sexually molested by various people in my family as well other children and adults along the way. I became pregnant at a very early age and was made to get an abortion. Years later I became aware that I could not have children.

Upon the death of my father, my mother changed. She began to date men with no morals who wanted to sleep with me. She took it out on me and as a result I became homeless many times in my teenage years. I met a guy who I thought loved me. He abused me tremendously to the point where I still live with the health problems from that abuse.

I couldn’t go home to my mother because she was very jealous of me. So I went from house to house. No doctor care. Many nights I slept in cars and had no food. I sold my body occasionally. I had a nervous breakdown in my teens from all of the abuse and stress.

My mother turned my brothers and sisters against me so they in turn inherited her hatred for me and would not help me. The Lord said to me one day, your family is not your family. I will bless you with your own family. Shortly after I got married. I thought my problems were over. We bought a house and had a decent life.

My husband stepped on the wrong toes one day. He angered someone who had a great position in society. We began to be gang stalked. It became so heavy that many days I wanted to take my life. I became very ill.

The targeting became so bad that I was almost killed by a truck going over 100 mph on the freeway at night with no lights on. Normally I switch lanes immediately when get on the freeway but something urged me to stay in the far right lane. If I had not listened, I wouldn’t be here to write this today.

I began to have extra marital affairs. One day while laying with my boyfriend I became convicted and I knew that I could not live this way any longer. I went home and confessed to my husband what I had done. He had been unfaithful the entire marriage.

I gave my life to Christ and he changed my heart and helped my marriage.

Everything seemed fine. Years passed and I found out my husband was cheating. We went through a lot and although broken we reconciled. I still suffer the targeting. My marriage isn’t perfect but God is with me. Maybe one day I’ll have a better testimony but my testimony today is that God is with me. He’s been present through it all and the better things will come.


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