Young man reflecting

My Testimony Of Faith

I would like to take a few minutes out of your time to share with you a brief summary of how my life changed. To tell this story correctly, I must start from the beginning. Many of you know me and for whom that don’t, I would like to introduce myself, my name is John Hall. I was a person just like you, getting up every day doing my daily routine, living paycheck by paycheck, and trying to satisfy the ones I love. All these things are hard living in a world that shows Betrayal, Backstabbing, Personal Gain and etc.

I was living my life worrying of what tomorrow or the next day will bring along my way. My life was happy on the outside but in the inside, I was burning up with sense of emptiness. It’s like when you play a puzzle game, and you get down to the very last piece then you realize you can’t find it, that feeling was how I was living on the inside. I was living my life with that one piece missing and it was eating me alive every single day, but nobody could tell it.

For the days that went by I tried to substitute the emptiness with playing video games, partying, and going out with women, but that only satisfied the void for a brief period of time. Then I soon realized what I was doing was only making the situation worst. There was this little voice in the back of my head that was saying over and over ‘call upon the name of the Lord! Then one day after a difficult day of agony and pain, I finally said

“Lord help me!?”

Then that next day I figured out that my brother-In- Law accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into his heart, and when I was setting there hearing him confess everything that he has done in his life in front of all these people. Then all of a sudden, I can feel the Holy Spirit convicting my heart and I got down on my knees and I started praying and confessing to the Lord everything I have done in my life, and I am lost without Him and I want Him in my life, and I would like to live the best as I can by representing The Heavenly Father.

After an extensive conversation with the Lord, I open my eyes, I felt like a new person, the music I listened to me didn’t listen to anymore, the games I played I didn’t play anymore, and so on. I realized that all those long hours playing video games, that I could have spent the time with the people I love like God, Family, and Friends. God is number one in my life Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.

I know the long road ahead is not going to be easy but at least I will have the Heavenly Father and Jesus with me to talk me through it. The Heavenly Father and Jesus are my best of friends, I talk to Them about almost everything. I tell Jesus secrets because I can trust that He will not tell nobody. I stop putting my trust in man and pointed it to God, and Jesus.

In this world I realized that there are two different categories of people. One category of people believes on Luck, they base everything on luck like O that’s just luck or your lucky. The other category of people believes that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens according to God’s Plans.

In this world I noticed that people are scared of each other, or they are walking around like they can take on anybody. I used to be like that, I used to walk around like I could take anybody on, or some cases I was scared or feared of them. Then when I found the Lord, and I realized that I should not fear of what man can do to me, but Only Fear God.

Ever Since I accepted Jesus into my life everything feels better, I felt more relaxed knowing that God is watching over me Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. That emptiness that I felt is now filled up with the Holy Spirit and I long to strive for God.


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