People Sharing Christian Testimonies

My Testimony and Encounter with God

I’m called Njut Tabi Godlove and I’m 27.

I grew up in a small dusty town in the Southwest of Cameroon.

I never had an average life like every normal growing up child with Mom and Dad always ensuring you of a beautiful life.

Never got the chance to see my Father.

Mom became sick soon after Dad died.

I was a sickling living without both parents.

Also had Demonic suppressions at night

Became afraid of the Dark.

I couldn’t concentrate at School, so couldn’t pass my exams.

At the age 10, I started noticing something was speaking inside of me (as I called it back then.)

It will sometimes say “I see” and other times, “you are going to become a Prophet of God”

Became 18 Peer pressure came; I started drinking and later smoking heavily.

I later became depressed, had brain damage from consistent disappointments, life failures and rejection.

It later went chronic when I lost my feelings.

In fact I became a hallow person.

I can’t stress it enough how hard life was living like that.

I travelled to Germany in October 2010.

Yes, with all those trouble.

I stopped trying to live in 2012, then God came in.

One Sunday, I unconsciously walked to an open field where I had a one on one encounter with God.

The experience took almost 4 hours but when it was done, I found out I had gotten my reasoning and feelings back.

Now I know it was the Holy Spirit of God speaking to the little boy, “me”

I lived like that without any soul believing that I was living like that, not even my Family members.

I came to realize people won’t believe anything, but you have to say it anyways for you.

So you don’t have to believe this but just hold on if you are in a similar situation.

God sees you and you don’t have to explain anything.

He will come when it is time.