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My Soul Healing and How I Got Off Unemployment Assistance

The LORD brought me to the city of Adelaide. I was originally from Western Australia. My life in Perth was filled with anxiety. I was working a full time job as a bookkeeper for a company servicing client managers of mining operations.

I have tasted the bitterness and bruteness of the real-world society and seen the physical and felt the spiritual oppression of work life inside a corporate office. It was filled with fear tactics and manipulation. To make my life worse, my family were unbelievers and they lived in constant fear of people, the society and the “system”. They related to me and others in a very fear-based/controlling ways that hindered my spiritual growth and faith and freedom in Christ.

The LORD led me to quit my job and apply for new jobs. He gave me strength to move to Adelaide on my own not knowing anyone there or anything. He blessed me with a job cleaning homes on a part-time permanent basis. I have sufficient income to pay off the rent each week and more.

The LORD wanted me to trust Him for each and every need I have. So far, He has blessed me with more than what I needed. He gave me the kindness and understanding of the new people I have been acquainted with in Adelaide.

Initially I was claiming monetary assistance from Centrelink, the whole process continually gave me a hard time… yesterday I officially – after much consideration- decided to trust God with providing all my needs – cancelled my application for unemployment assistance, since the call from them to confirm I felt a great load lifted off my shoulders and a deep peace settling into my heart.

I realised it was not His will for me to depend on assistance from Centrelink. The feeling of freedom I now have which I didn’t have two days ago is unmistakable. Praises to Jesus Who is my All in All.

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