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My son, My miracle


Here is the miracle of my life that ive always wanted to share

I got my son 8th march 2008.what seemed like a normal labour complicated when the baby got stuck since he had bold shoulders.they couldnt do a CS coz he had alreay engaged.i had like five doctors on me.four pressing me to push the baby out and one pulling out the baby.this went for two was horrible!!i thot i was gonna die.finally the baby was out he had to be resersitated for one hour.the doctors were sure he would be dead at birth but he wasnt.he was put on oxygen.i wished to wake up in the morning and find that i was dreaming.

due to lack of oxygen in his brain,he developed some sezures two days later.he had to be put on make matters worse he had a shoulder distortia on the left hand.its nerves were paralyesd.i used to cry my self out especially coz my hubby was out of the country and was so unsupportive .i would cry out to God and ak him why me.i pleaded to him to heal my son ina miraculous way.two weeks later i was discharged to continue wit the sedative and therepy for his hand.i would cry as i watched the therapists wring his hand and he cried so weeks old baby.God is good!after 3 weeks of therapy he started moving his hand.i was so overjoyed.doctors had sed that the paralysis of the nevrves would either be permanent or temporal.they dint think it would be so fast!

he went on with the phenobab till 9 months.every visit to the ped being a positive one.he was happy with his progress and he is almost 1 and 1/2 and he is at par with kids of his age/actually he is faster than most of them.he can walk,talk and do all things perfectly for his age.normally lack of oxygen would have coused CP or mental retardation but God is good and he fulfilled  and answered my prayers.he turned my mourning into more than ever i know am serving a living God.i now believe that if we call out to God he sees our tears and will wipe them away..celebrate and praise God with me.


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