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My Miraculous Healing

It has been several months since i got saved and i began to experience more of gods presence and power in my life. one day i wanted to get a book “good morning holy spirit” downloaded from a torrent. I knew something was wrong, something inside of me spoke it was illegal, nevertheless i dint heed to holy spirits voice and i downloaded that ebook. I extracted the rar file and i sensed something bad ,and to my disappointment, the rar file included occult pdf was corrupted. There were demonic images inside the file, i deleted immediately and regretted that i should have listened to holy Spirits voice.

That very night i had awful dream, a demonic dream, i dint have a peaceful sleep, and i woke up in the morning feeling uneasy in my body through out. I realized that i had a bad dream, and i had a strong feeling that god fought through out the night on my behalf in my dream, though i dint see god in my dream. Dream though unclear, i was pretty much convinced it was a demonic dream. i had flashes of demons in my memory. I went to college carrying sickness and was struggling the whole day, but i kept saying to myself god is going to heal me, he will heal me. I went to doctor that evening and the doctor reported that i had fever and throat infection. I thought to myself “i was pretty much fine till yesterday night,” still unable to digest the fact that i was sick. No matter what i kept saying: god will heal me, i came back to my room i slept for a couple of hours i woke up and hardly forcing myself to take nap again a voice popped out saying”write on your sticky notes, BY YOUR STRIPES I AM HEALED AND PASTE IN YOUR CLOSET.”

i was reluctant at first but then i got up i wrote with much agony in my heart, i pasted it and i slept. What happened 30 minutes from that point was a miracle, i got completely healed, renewed my strength back.  This incident taught me a valid important lesson:  “HEED TO GOD’S VOICE ALWAYS.”


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