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My Miracle Healing

My name is Rob and for over 45 years I suffered from a painful Temporomandibular Jaw disorder (TMJ for short). The complaint causes pain in the jaw joint and in the muscles that control jaw movement. What caused it I am not sure, but it may have been due to the fact that in my school days I was a keen boxer and took some punishment to my jaw.

In my lifetime I have seen numerous doctors and specialists who have prescribed pills, I have visited dentists who fitted me with plastic bite plates in my mouth, but nothing cured me.

My wife and I moved from Barnet to Haslemere 3 years ago to be near our son and family. They attend 3 Counties Church, an independent evangelical Church, which has a Healing Hour group meeting on Monday mornings and my wife and son encouraged me to attend. I was not at all keen on going as I did not believe that would help my TMJ.

I was of the opinion that miracles happened in Biblical times but not very often today. Well, it took months of persuasion, with the family telling me I had nothing to lose by going. Then at last I changed my mind, and I went to the Healing Hour, not really expecting anything to happen. The prayer team asked me all about my problem, placed their hands on my jaw and started to pray. I felt a power passing though my body, something I had never experienced before, and to my amazement I was healed. I had never experienced the power of God more strongly.

18 months passed by, and on a Saturday the pain in my jaw came back with a vengeance. I knew I had to go back to the Healing Hour. I met a lady named Romey who said ‘God meant you to come back. There is something in your life you need to say sorry to God for.’ I was puzzled at first. Then it came to me. As a teenager my Uncle used to take me to a spiritualist meeting, he also taught me to read palms.

I became popular reading people’s palms, and a boy who worked in the same office as me asked for a reading. I looked at the palm of his hand and said ‘Sorry I can’t read yours.’ I gave no reason, but it was because I believed he would die young. Shortly after he was diagnosed as having leukemia, and sadly died a while after that. This really got to me and I turned my back on spiritualism for good, or so I thought. The truth is that there was a strand of the occult I was holding on to. For all those years I would avoid looking at anyone’s palms, even my wife’s. Mind you I would warn people not to get involved with the occult, especially the practice of Ouija boards. While working for a famous London store I managed to get them to stop selling the boards.

So I told Romey all of this, asked God’s forgiveness and prayed about it with her. I left healed again and without the fear of looking at anyone’s palm. This second healing came on 20th March last year and I have had no pain since.

I have felt God say to me, ‘Share your testimony’ which I’ve been doing as best I can, giving testimonies to churches, friends and people I’ve met. I have been on a healing course organised by Tim Grant of Spearhead and have booked to go on a Prayer Ministry Training Day at Acorn Christian Healing Foundation. Following that I want to serve on my church’s prayer ministry team, which I feel God is calling me to do.

My hobby is designing websites. In Barnet I used to design websites for local churches and local charities, but now make websites with Google Ads on, the revenue going to The Neema Education Trust in Kenya which I have supported and visited three times over the last 23 years Other Christian websites I have produced are and

My latest website is a “healing” website with my testimony and a list of resources which I think people will find useful. I also invite those who have a testimony to send it to me via the website for inclusion on the site. The address of the website is: In the future I aim to list Christian Healing Centres on the website.

I realise that not everyone who receives prayer will be physically healed. Only God knows why that is. I was shown a great song on You Tube ‘When you don’t move the mountains’ by Lauren Daigle’, which I think is helpful for anyone trying to answer that question.


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