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Please Pray for my Marriage

Dear brothers and sisters: I wasnt a very good husband or father. I was selfish in all I did. I let my selfishess and ungreatfulness get the best of me. Not to mention all the sins i’ve done. Well because of my sins I end up in jail facing 2 life sentences, well I gave my life and my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. He changed my life, but Only now my wife left me. I was married for 15 years, we have 3 children. The Lord saved me from my 2 life sentences, but now I have no one to share it with.

I pray and I pray to the Lord to please save my marriage. All I ask for is to live the rest of my life for Jesus. I just hope and pray that my wife will someday come back. It’s crazzy to me because she always prayed that I would change my life, and when I do she left. I really love my wife and I know that the Lord has a plan for my life. So I ask you fellow Christians to please pray for my marriage. Thank you and God bless you all.

I did a very bad thing about a year ago. I went to jail and lost my wife because of the very bad choice I made. While I was in jail I gave my heart and life to my Lord Jesus Christ. Surrendered my whole life to Him. I really love my wife and kids, and I miss them so much. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life without her and my kids. Im dieing of liver failer, and I just want to worship and live for the Lord with my family. For the first time in my life I want to do the right thing.


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