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My Job Hunt

Hi All,

I would like to share my story on how God showed his miracle to find a job for me.

I started working in Singapore for a small technology-based company as a sales administrator with a low pay (which I have secured with help of God after completing my studies). I worked in the company for close to 3 years but I couldn’t find any career growth and financial growth and I decided to find a new job.

I informed my boss that I have to start searching for new jobs as there was no progress and he has agreed to me as I was holding a Masters degree and he felt that I have greater potential. My boss was kind enough to tell me not to tender my resignation, but I can start searching for new job.

I searched for job close to 4 months and attended many interviews but couldn’t secure any offer. I was so frustrated and started to lose hope. Losing hope in myself, I started to trust in God and started to pray.

Since I am with the same company and couldn’t find a job, my boss approached me and said that he is unable to afford me any longer as he has already hired replacement staff for me and requested me to give him an specific date of resignation/my last day of work.

As days past, I started to build pressure as I have a new timeline now (End Oct). For the last one month, even though I have applied for multiple jobs, I didn’t get any chance for interview. On Oct 28, 2010 (2 days before my deadline), I got an interview call for a MNC and asked me whether I can come down for interview on Oct 29 and I said


On Oct 29, 10 am attend the interview and I was confused how it went. I came back to my office and started to pack my stuff as it was my last day of work in that company. By 3 pm, one of my colleague has invited me for coffee as a farewell and while I was having coffee with him my phone rang… To my surprise, the company I interviewed with that morning would like to hire me. I was speechless and I thanked God for the wonderful gift.

Moral: Keep faith in God, he knows the best. He will provide you things at the right moment if you keep faith in him.

Note: Please excuse my English.

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