Person by Sea - Healing

My Healing Testimony

Another testimony: I am telling you, I never thought walking could be as painful as I experienced it to be. Simply falling down in my chair that someone readjusted without my knowledge caused me excruciating pain.

June 13, 2017 at work after new carpet was installed in our area; I sat down not knowing my chair was readjusted. Later on same day I started feeling tightening, spasms and pain in my right leg, and thigh. I wasn’t thinking about me loosing my balance when I sat down.

Later on the same day after work, I went to the ER cause I really was in a lot of pain. They did an X-ray to see if anything was broken, it wasn’t. I was diagnosed with hip strain. Well, of course I was prescribed muscle relaxer and pain meds. I bought the medicines and took them but, they did not work. I went through this about few days with spasms, tightening and my husband bought me heating pads and icy cold to help. They helped some but not enough. I tried to work best as I could not mentioning to anyone that I was in pain until after I had to miss a day or two because I couldn’t even get up out of bed. I ended up going back to ER again some days after because the pain intensified and I couldn’t take it, my blood pressure was 128/119.

My Mother was there, my husband was over the road working. It took like forever to get called back to get checked. Another diagnosis of same thing, hip strain. They ordered a MRI and saw that I had two bulging discs. Now, I am really upset. I only had one bulging disc last year and now I am finding out I have another one.

The Med Care Physician told me that one my disc was so bad that I am going to need back surgery (um, no not having that). Of course more pain meds was prescribed and I was told to follow up with an Orthopaedic Specialist. Well, after this couple days later I tried go back to work and happen to mention that it darned on me that all this pain didn’t start till I fell in my chair to a co-worker I was told to go report incident. This was about week later. Worker’s Comp denied my claim.

So, now this lead to more suffering and pain because I couldn’t see their Specialist, their Doctor even knew I needed to see a Specialist and do physical therapy. After not getting results from Worker’s Comp Doctor which was Med Care Urgent Care, my husband got tired me suffering told me go to our own Doctor and that’s what I did. I went to just about every ER we have in Columbia before I ended up going to my own Doctor. My physician gave me a steroid shot and prescribed pain meds because I was also diagnosed with sciatic nerve damage; now this is painful. One Saturday afternoon, the Paramedics had come to my house because I thought I was about to leave here. My daughter and my friend Nadija with her daughter.

My right thigh felt like it was going to twist straight off, it wouldn’t let up. The pain was too much to bear, it was worst than having a baby. They called my husband he was one tell them call Paramedics. My Mother met us at hospital and Jermaine. It felt like my leg was on fire along with spasms, tightening, twisting and more. I went through plenty sleepless nights and not being able to go to work as well. Never would have thought all this would have came from a fall in a chair. I could not walk normal, I had a limp. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to walk straight again.

Thanks to God working through the man of God through oil and physical therapy that my husband paid for me to have that I am now better. It took few months to get better but, I am now better. I was moving like I was 80 years old, couldn’t even stand up straight. I been through so much with this hip strain/sciatic nerve damage situation and till it’s unreal. Thanks to God, prayers, my family and friends for being there.