Praying Girl


Since I had started high school my teachers had been setting me up to get C’s and hopefully B’s but I had higher dreams and higher hopes than that . When I was in year 9 after praying for The Lord to change my situation me and my family came across a leaflet that had been for a school that I had never heard of before, but because it was private we didn’t think much of it.

However  my dad pursued on with it and gotta me to sit the entrance exam and I did so and I was told that I had achieved higher than any othe student ha done on the history of that school and that school has been around since 1648 . This meant I got a reduction on my fees and I manage to attend . My grades started to pick up and my life seems alright. However English had always when my weak point and so I didn’t think I would be able to get an A in it. I prayed none the less and entered the exam having achieved B’s and a few A’s  on my course work and I wasn’t very hopeful.

On exam days I woke up to the news that these had been the worst English results for years and a huge uproar. I went in to that hall expecting the worst but I thank God because I managed to attain Two a’s in that subject meaning that I achieved near perfect scores on my exam ,we are talking about a born boy who had been told that he was a C grade student, finally pushed it to a B and then through God Alone he managed to attain A’s – there is a God. Long IDE those grades I attained 7a’s 1a* a b and c.

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