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My Exam Miracle

So I would like to give a basic look into my life for the past 2 years. It was bad as I shifted to India and things were difficult to adjust both studywise and socially. I was into depression and studies weren’t good. I had got 95% in 10th and a lot of people had expectations from me. Fast forward to exams I wasnt prepared much. I used to cry before every exam but I kept faith and told Jesus what I wanted. I told Jesus it’s all about my and His reputation, I promised him that if I get a good percentage I will post my testimony online.

So today was my result and I scored 90%. Honestly I wasn’t even expecting 80% because my papers were that bad but I am writing this post to all the people out there who are into depression or are having exams or results that God is watching over us and just tell Him what you want wholeheartedly. He wont let you down.


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